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 Mapping Your First Million

 A proven step-by-step plan to boost your income, build generational wealth and unlock financial freedom.

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Check out this longer video of Chad and Aaron discussing what it takes to map your first million dollars.

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Everything I needed to get my money figured out

“I had taken Mapping Your First Million and was eager to get started creating my own map for financial freedom. This course gives you all of the details, scenarios, case studies, and examples to do just that.”
- David S., Oregon


A Renewed Energy

“The Mapping Your First Million course helped ground me in what I already know deep inside about creating wealth. It helped light the fire again that began to die out over the years as I focused on paying bills, raising kids, and running a household.”
- Jake S., Florida

Resonated in a way no other program has

“I’m so grateful that Money Club took the time to put together this course with the input from Ben Lyons & the Millionaire Mentors. The material has really resonated with me on a deep level.”
- Lori L., Pennsylvania
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A Vision & A Plan!

“I now find myself with a new source of motivation that I haven’t had before. A vision and a plan! Knowing that I now have the ability to map out my first million is so exciting and really helps me stay focused on creating the right wealth plan for me.”

-Teresa P.


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