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Probate Mastery Features & Curriculum

  • 15 hours of on-demand probate certification training, with life-time access for repeated viewing
  • Q&A Sessions from live sessions – get answers to frequently asked questions
  • Probate Real Estate ROI Calculator to help you plan your probate marketing
  • 13 probate letter templates with proven marketing copy
  • Seller appointment role play training and conversational framework (The ultimate USP, conversation script, and objection handlers)
  • Probate Seller Interview Sheet Download – Have a script on hand when prospecting probate leads
  • Sample Seller Appointment Package – See exactly how to discuss price and get signed paperwork on appointments
  • Probate Real Estate ROI Calculator - plan your probate marketing and time commit to dollar-productive tasks
  • Curated reading List for success in building a scalable, enjoyable probate business
  • CPE Certified Probate Expert designation & certificate, including digital badges for probate marketing
  • Probate Coaching with student cohort and top coaches
  • Access to the Probate Mastery Alumni group & CPE referral network

Session 1

Understanding Probate


  • What to Expect from Probate Mastery
  • Let's Look at the Numbers
  • What is Probate?
  • When is Probate Not Required?
  • Common Misconceptions in Probate
  • Who is Involved in Probate?
  • The Probate Process
  • Understanding Your Local Probate Process


Session 2

Developing Your Probate Strategy

  • Probate Success Roadmap
  • Why Chose Probate as a Niche?
  • Understanding Your Customer
  • Building Your Probate Vendor Team
  • Crafting Your Offer
  • Marketing to the Personal  Representative
  • Systems You'll Use
  • Setting Proper Expectations
  • Delegating Tasks To Your Team
  • Building Your Referral System

Session 3

Creating Your Sales & Service Process

  • Using Tactical Empathy to Understand the Personal Representative
  • Developing Your Probate Unique Selling Proposition
  • Deconstructing the Initial Conversation
  • Common Objections Role Play and Break Down
  • The Appointment - Bringing it all Together

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"My experience of this course is Chad's commitment to service and helping people. He has all the bases covered for being a success with probate families and is open to learning & expanding even more for those who attended the course. A 5+ Star Course!!"

-Ted Breden


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